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Letter from the President, July 2012

Dear friends and colleagues,

The tradition is that the president addresses a message to the Society members after the last meeting. I take the opportunity of the New Year to start this message with my best wishes for a prosperous and productive 2012!

As I briefly mentioned during our 4th BioIron Meeting in Vancouver, I see my role as a service for the Society in order to maintain and enforce its mission “To provide a forum for discussion, to promote research and its publication and advance public education on iron chemistry and biology as well as on disorders...

Our young Society has witnessed fascinating advances in iron research that have made all our meetings exciting. Our strength is that IBIS is the “Iron House” for both basic scientists and clinicians and has a strong translational nature. We must be proud of the outstanding findings that IBIS members regularly contribute to the field, continuously resetting the basic iron knowledge that translates into improved clinical applications. In these times of extreme specialization our Society maintains a “global iron culture in biology and medicine.”

I would like to concentrate on two aims: increasing the international character of the Society and implementing young member participation to the Society life.

There is an increasing interest worldwide in iron biology and in the role that iron plays in most clinical disciplines. However, IBIS members are from Europe, the US, Canada, Japan and Australia, whereas scientists/clinicians from other countries are not or are only minimally represented. As members of the international iron scientific community, we have to modify the present situation and take the opportunity of the worldwide interest in iron to start globalizing our Society, or at least our meetings.

Young members represent the future of both iron research and of IBIS. Their active participation at the Vancouver meeting was a great success. Our endeavor will be to facilitate their participation at the next meeting in 2013. In conjunction with the Board of Directors and with the help of the Local Organizing Committee coordinated by Kaila Srai, we will start soon to work on the program for next BioIron meeting that will be held at the beautiful venue of UCL, in the heart of London, April 14 – 18, 2013. The successful structure of the meeting with most contributions from the floor will remain the same, but some novelties are planned. A BioIron Educational Course will take place in the afternoon on Sunday, April 14, which will focus on problems and open questions in iron biology and clinics and work as a broad introduction to the meeting. I hope that PhD students, postdoctoral and residents will attend this event to expand their iron knowledge and vision. In addition we are studying how to favor a tighter interaction between young and senior members during the meeting. As in previous meetings, we plan to release many travel awards to young participants and to open a competition for poster and oral presentation prizes.

These are just some of the reasons to attend the 5th BioIron Meeting! It relies on all of us to contribute the best of our research in order to make the London meeting another cornerstone in the Society history.

Please feel free to send comments and suggestions.

Thank you very much and again have a wonderful 2012.

See you all in London next year.

Clara Camaschella
IBIS President

posted: July 1, 2012