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Latest News

Letter from the President, February 2008

Dear IBIS Members,

It is our pleasure, on behalf of the IBIS board, to give you an update on our Association.

The BioIron meeting in beautiful Kyoto was highly successful, with large participation of researchers from all over the world, in a charming atmosphere. Some photos of the event, kindly provided by Prof. Y. Kohgo, have been posted on our website.

IBIS is now embarked on the preparation of the forthcoming meeting to be held in Porto, Portugal, 7 – 11 June 2009. Under Dr Gra├ža Porto’s guidance the practical organization is already largely completed, and we foresee a well-organised meeting in a delightful site. The beautiful location and the continued flow of new important data in the field of iron metabolism and of iron-related diseases promise a particularly exciting event.

Special emphasis will be placed on the participation of associations of patients suffering from disorders of iron metabolism. It is clear that patient associations have become indispensable partners in our joint efforts towards a better understanding of diseases, a prerequisite for better care and management.

We would like to ask you to encourage your young scientific and medical colleagues to become IBIS members so that our Society continues to grow in parallel with the amazing developments in the science of BioIron.

We have been working to update and improve our website, and to make it an important tool for the BioIron community. The main function of the website is to provide information about the international BioIron-related news and events. We will use it to keep you informed about the progress in organizing the 2009 meeting. We also hope that it will benefit from your own observations, comments and suggestions for further growth of the iron community.

We are especially happy to take the opportunity to express our collective gratitude to Prof. Yutaka Kohgo for having ensured the great success of the 2007 meeting, to the former IBIS board and to our former IBIS President, Prof. Jerry Kaplan, whose outstanding scientific productivity complements his magnetic personality.

Pierre Brissot, President IBIS
Tomas Ganz, President-Elect IBIS
Paolo Arosio, Secretary IBIS

posted: February 1, 2008