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Member News: Michael Spino and Fernando Tricta

IBIS, the International BioIron Society salutes Drs Michael Spino and Fernando Tricta as the recipients of  the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation nomination for “Humanitarian of the Year” 2017. We join the CAF for honouring these two personalities and their team at ApoPharma for the tremendous impact their work had on thalassemia and haematology communities. Tens of thousands of patients worldwide continue to benefit from the life-saving treatment with the first available oral iron chelator deferiprone, and especially for its unsurpassed ability to relieve iron overloaded patients from cardiac iron toxicity. The biennial Bioiron meetings have been over the years a central venue where many of the pivotal studies on oral chelation in systemic and more recently on regional iron overload have been presented. IBIS, the International Bioiron Society, recognizes Apopharma’s continuing sponsorship of those meetings and their commitment to support new avenues of Bioiron research.

​Dr. Ioav Cabantchik. Professor Emeritus Hebrew University of Jerusalem ​President of IBIS-International BioIron Society (International Society for the Study of Iron in Biology and Medicine)

posted: June 15, 2017