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Crocodile Jumping Photo Contest Results

The results of the contest for the best Darwin jumping crocodile photo are in!

Thank you to all who submitted their photos with captions; there were 11 entries. The Board of Directors, blinded to the submitters’ names, selected three winning submissions. The winners will receive a free banquet dinner at the Montreal 2025 BioIron meeting.

We are happy to announce that the winners are Kamila Balušíková (Charles University, Prague), Ann Walker (University College London) and Alessia Pagani (San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan). Congratulations!

Please enjoy the amazing photos of the famed Australian Saltwater Crocodile on the Adelaide River!

(click for larger view)

Fishing for crocs.
Jumping Jaws.
I'd like the lamb fillet and make it snappy!

posted: November 14, 2023