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Congratulations to Dr. Elizabeta Nemeth

Dear BioIron Community,

We are excited to congratulate Dr. Elizabeta Nemeth on receiving the William Dameshek Prize from the American Society of Hematology.

Dr. Nemeth is being recognized for her outstanding work to understand the regulation of iron homeostasis. Dr. Nemeth’s work helped define the role of the iron-regulatory hormone hepcidin in different iron disorders including hereditary hemochromatosis, β-thalassemia, and anemia of inflammation, elucidated the mechanism of action of hepcidin, and developed novel hepcidin-targeted candidates for the treatment of iron disorders.

Dr. Nemeth described how mechanisms limiting iron availability to invading pathogens are crucial in defending against infection, and that those same mechanisms are responsible for the development of anemia in many chronic inflammatory conditions. Dr. Nemeth, professor of medicine at UCLA as well as the founder and director of the UCLA Center for Iron Disorders, has research interests spanning iron pathobiology in pregnancy, infectious disease, inflammatory disorders such as chronic kidney disease, and hemoglobinopathies. Her work has laid the foundation for promising new therapies for anemias and iron overload disorders.

Read more about Dr. Nemeth's accomplishments in the UCLA Health press release.

posted: July 7, 2021