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BIOIRON Survey Results & New Logo

Thank you for participating in the recent vote about the timing of the upcoming BIOIRON meeting and the tenure of the BIOIRON Board. 174 members voted and overwhelmingly approved postponement of the Darwin meeting to 2022 (78.1%) as well as extending the tenure of the current Board and the President until the 2022 meeting (95.4%). We appreciate your time and participation in this survey.

We also have results of the vote for the new Society logo.

The winner of the contest is Dr. Alessia Pagani, Vita-Salute University, Milan, Italy, and the new Society logo is:

International Society for the Study of Iron in Biology and Medicine

Thank you all for your participation and input.

Martina Muckenthaler, PhD
BIOIRON President

Elizabeta Nemeth, PhD
BIOIRON President-Elect

posted: June 9, 2020