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Latest News

BioIron Meeting Update

Dear members of the BioIron Society,

Flexibility is what we are practicing almost every day during the Corona pandemic.

Flexibility is also required for our future BioIron meetings.

The Board of Directors has been regularly discussing with the local organizers of the upcoming BioIron meetings (Nathan Subramaniam & Greg Anderson and Kostas Pantopoulos) about the pandemic situation in their countries. Unfortunately, due to anticipated travel restrictions for Australia, we have to postpone the BioIron meeting in Darwin for the second time — and as a consequence — also the following BioIron meeting in Montreal.

The new dates for the next two BioIron meetings will be:

  • Darwin in August 2023
  • Montreal in May 2025

The exact dates will be communicated later.

In addition, we will submit for a vote of the membership whether the term of service for the current members of the Board of Directors should be extended until the next BioIron meeting. The virtual poll will be distributed in the near future.

We are all very much hoping to see you again in person at one of the “iron events” soon. Please let us know if you are participating/organizing an iron/metal-related meeting. We will advertise it on our website.

Best wishes to all of you and stay healthy!

Martina Muckenthaler, PhD
President of the BioIron Society

Elizabeta Nemeth, PhD
President-Elect of the BioIron Society

posted: July 6, 2021