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Latest News

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posted: July 19, 2023
Pierre Brissot, Professor Emeritus and former Head of the Liver Diseases Department at Rennes University Hospital, has been made a Knight in the France’s National Order of the Legion of Honor.The National Order of... read more

posted: September 6, 2022
Those of you who attended the EIC banquet in July 2022 in Oxford have had the pleasure of hearing the debut of a brilliant poem “Natural history of an iron atom” by Megan Teh, a graduate student at... read more

posted: August 9, 2021
This year, iron research has been in the spotlight on different arenas, and rightly so. For a long time, the very thing that made iron pertinent in the first place, i.e. its importance in the red blood cell, was also what... read more

posted: July 7, 2021
Dear BioIron Community,We are excited to congratulate Dr. Elizabeta Nemeth on receiving the William Dameshek Prize from the American Society of Hematology.Dr. Nemeth is being recognized for her outstanding work to... read more

posted: July 6, 2021
Dear members of the BioIron Society,Flexibility is what we are practicing almost every day during the Corona pandemic.Flexibility is also required for our future BioIron meetings.The Board of Directors has been regularly... read more

posted: May 25, 2021
Mayka Sanchez, PhD UIC BarcelonaIt is not my case, but some people have grandparents that lived beyond 105 and even beyond 110 years! These people are named semi-supercentenarians and supercentenarians, respectively... read more

posted: April 21, 2021
We would like to thank all 2021 BioIron COVID-19 Relief Grant applicants. The standard of applications received was very high and we are pleased to announce that two awards were made in this round.The awardees are Niraj... read more

posted: April 12, 2021
May 3, 5, 7, 10, & 12, 2021(all sessions 10:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time (US))The Yale Cooperative Center of Excellence in Hematology (YCCEH) is sponsoring a virtual Leadership and Management Skills Course... read more

posted: March 9, 2021
A new type of coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, put our lives up-side-down for over a year.The devastating effects of this pandemic were seen worldwide, with high mortality rates in the European and American continent.Contrary to... read more

posted: November 5, 2020
The BioIron Training award has been placed on hold during the pandemic, and we will send an email announcement once it is reopened. read more

posted: October 2, 2020
An online zoomposium presenting and discussing data on iron homeostasis in COVID-19 took place of September 8 hosted by the European Iron Club. It was attended by around 230 people from around the world, the majority in... read more

posted: August 21, 2020
Z. Ioav Cabantchik and Chaim Hershko Institute of Life Sciences and Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IsraelA salient feature of COVID-19 infection is a storm of cytokines that sweeps the organism and... read more

posted: August 12, 2020
Olga Protchenko and Caroline PhilpottThe world’s attention is focused on the Covid-19 outbreak, in which SARS-CoV-2 has infected over 3 million people worldwide with high morbidity and mortality. While the pandemic... read more

posted: August 12, 2020
Bessman et al. Dendritic cell-derived hepcidin promotes intestinal repair. Science. April 10, 2020. liver-derived hormone hepcidin regulates systemic iron... read more

posted: June 9, 2020
Thank you for participating in the recent vote about the timing of the upcoming BIOIRON meeting and the tenure of the BIOIRON Board. 174 members voted and overwhelmingly approved postponement of the Darwin meeting to 2022 ... read more

posted: March 1, 2020
Finoshin, A.D. et al (Iron in the processes of sponge plasticity PLoS ONE · Feb 2020 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0228722)Although iron has been proposed to have played a pivotal role in life since its inception... read more

posted: February 20, 2020
It is well known that iron is not only an essential nutrient for mammals but also serves as a growth factor for most bacteria, including those residing in the intestine, known as the microbiome. Accordingly, intestinal... read more

posted: February 20, 2020
The past two decades have witnessed increasing understanding of the molecular pathways and regulation of the three large iron flows in the body: intestinal iron absorption, macrophage-mediated recycling of iron from... read more

posted: April 15, 2019
The Bioiron community proudly salutes IBIS veteran member and distinguished scientist and clinician Hossein Ardehali, MD, PhD, Professor of Professor of Medicine – Cardiology and Pharmacology on his election as... read more

posted: November 27, 2018
Dear BioIron friends and colleagues,As we move into the second month of Fall 2018 we are 6 months from the EMBL Conference: 8th Congress of the International BioIron Society. The Congress will be held May 5-11, 2019 at the... read more

posted: April 2, 2018
IBIS friends and colleagues,A Hemochromatosis International Taskforce composed of experts in the field of hemochromatosis (headed by P. Santos and P. Brisssot) has composed and made public a consensus statement about... read more

posted: December 27, 2017
IBIS friends and colleagues,Since the new IBIS Board first convened at UCLA-Bioiron in May 2017, it carried out several tasks, some that needed immediate attention and others with a longer view to the future.First and... read more

posted: June 15, 2017
IBIS, the International BioIron Society salutes Drs Michael Spino and Fernando Tricta as the recipients of  the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation nomination for “Humanitarian of the Year” 2017. We join the... read more

posted: June 7, 2017
Dear Colleagues,The Seventh Congress of the International BioIron Society held at the Meyer & Renee Luskin Conference Center on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles is about a month over. The... read more

posted: November 1, 2016
Dear Colleagues,The IBIS Board and the local hosts have been busy putting together the BioIron 2017. We have what I believe to be an outstanding program. No doubt there are sessions that fit in well with your work and... read more

posted: May 1, 2016
Dear Colleagues,It is now only one year until the Seventh Congress of the International BioIron Society meeting. The IBIS Board has been busily working to prepare our 2017 program. We have outlined what we hope you will... read more

posted: January 1, 2016
Dear IBIS Member,Please allow me to follow the IBIS tradition for the newly elected president to outline the aspirations for the society at the start of the New Year. This is an exciting time in the study of iron biology... read more

posted: July 1, 2012
Dear friends and colleagues,The tradition is that the president addresses a message to the Society members after the last meeting. I take the opportunity of the New Year to start this message with my best wishes for a... read more

posted: March 28, 2012
Frank M. Torti, Director of the Cancer Center and Chair of the Department of Cancer Biology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine has been appointed Dean of the UConn School of Medicine and Executive Vice President... read more

posted: February 1, 2008
Dear IBIS Members,It is our pleasure, on behalf of the IBIS board, to give you an update on our Association.The BioIron meeting in beautiful Kyoto was highly successful, with large participation of researchers from all... read more

posted: August 1, 2007
The IBIS Board is proud to announce that on August 2007 Nancy Andrews has been named dean of the Duke University School of Medicine. Nancy is the first woman to be appointed dean of Duke's School of Medicine and... read more

posted: January 1, 2006
Dear Colleagues,On behalf of the International BioIron Society (IBIS) it is our great pleasure to invite you to BioIron 2007, which will be held in Kyoto Japan April 1 – 6. 2007. This conference will follow in the... read more

posted: January 1, 2005
Dear Colleagues:It is with both a sense of honor and some trepidation that I submit my first President’s Letter. I am honored to have this opportunity to communicate with you as President of the International BioIron... read more

posted: January 1, 2004
Antonello Pietrangelo, MD, PhDDear Members,A short note to report on recent activities of IBIS. Our society is growing fast and gathering more and more interest not only from individual scientists and physicians, but also... read more