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Posted: 03/28/2012
Frank M. Torti
, Director of the Cancer Center and Chair of the Department of Cancer Biology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine has been appointed Dean of the UConn School of Medicine and Executive Vice President for Health Affairs at the UConn Health Center starting May 2012. Frank is a highly reputed oncologist who within our Society links iron and cancer biology. The IBIS Board of Directors is proud to announce his achievement.

Senior members

The IBIS society recently and suddenly lost one of its senior members and a major nutritionist. John Beard. He was a leader in studying the nutritional impact of iron on the brain and cognitive function and in studying dietary supplementation in third-world countries. Most of us can recall his active participation and the IBIS meeting.

The IBIS Board is proud to announce that on August 2007 Nancy Andrews has been named dean of the Duke University School of Medicine. Nancy is the first woman to be appointed dean of Duke's School of Medicine and becomes the only woman to lead one of the nation's top 10 medical schools. Nancy has been a founder of the IBIS society, a member of the board and awardee of the Marcel Simon Award.

Junior members

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